1st Airborne Drop Zones - Operation Market Garden

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Map description: Arnhem East shows the area were Major John Frost’s 2nd Parachute Battalion of the 1st British Airborne Division seized during Operation Market Garden. It was here in Arnhem that the Battalion was cut off by the II SS Panzer Corps and was isolated from the rest of the Division. Over four days of hard fighting, but without relief the Battalion was forced to surrender with mounting casualties, no relief and a lack of ammunition.

Each of our maps is an authentic reproduction of an original WW2 map.

These maps are perfect for people whose:

  • Relative served in WW2
  • Love military history
  • Going on a Battlefield Tour
  • Need a talking piece in their office
  • Want something unique

Product description:

  • Printed on 175gsm fine art paper
  • Matte finish
  • Ships anywhere in the world